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Experiences for Kardamili, Mani

Explore personalized services in Kardamili, Mani. Tailor your experience with options designed for your preferences.

Do your boats have shades?

Yes, all our boats are equipped with shade tents called Bimini Tents with UVA

Is there a cooling box available?

Yes, we provide cooling boxes with ice for all our rentals to keep your
refreshments and snacks fresh throughout your trip.

What are the payment options?

You can pay either by cash or card; both payment options are available.

Do we need to fuel up the boats?

No, fueling up the boats is included in our service. We provide the boats fully
fueled, and after the rental, we will refuel them.

Is the fuel included in the rental price?

The fuel is charged per usage. We provide the boats fully fueled, and after the
rental, we refill the tank and calculate the usage, charging you based on the
current fuel price.

Do you provide life vests for children?

Yes, we provide life vests for adults and children in various sizes.

Do you provide recommendations what to visit?

Yes, part of our service includes providing tips on hot spots and snorkeling
spots. We can ping you recommendations on your mobile device so you have
them with you during your trip.

Are your boats insured?

Yes, our boats are insured according to Greek legislation. However, please
note that any damages caused by the customer are not covered by the
insurance and need to be covered by the lessee.