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You should know

Important Information

•No license is necessary for operating a motor boat with under 30 horsepower.

•The boat will be provided to the customer fully fuelled, with additional fuel for safety purposes

•Throughout the rental period, you are required to have the appropriate permits to operate a speedboat on board and present them to Port Authorities if requested.

•Fuel is considered an additional charge, payable by the customer upon return and based on usage.

•The vessel is insured for bodily injury and property damage resulting from collisions and sea pollution with third parties. However, damages caused by customers to the boat are not covered.

•We cannot be held responsible for the loss or damage of personal belongings during the rental period.

General Terms and Condition

The boats and the engines are almost new, tested and serviced before any delivery.

Included in Price: VAT, ice boxes with ice and all the equipment’s you will find on the specification of each boat. See the fleet.

Not included: Fuel – this is per usage and we provide the boats filled up with fuel at the picking time 

The following services can also be provided with an additional charge:

  • Presence of skilled skipper, in case the customer is not qualified for driving a speedboat
  • Tailor-made excursions and boating events please visit our service here.

The insurance provides coverage in the event of third-party interference. However, it’s important to note that the insurance does not extend to any damages caused by the customer to the vessel.


In accordance with General Regulation of Ports (G.R.P.) No. 38 governing the leasing of motorized boats and high-speed small crafts: 

  • The leased boat’s license must prominently display its destination with a red ink registration stating “LEASED ACCORDING TO THE ORDERS OF G.R.P. NO. 38.” Violation of this requirement may result in a fine of up to forty thousand euros (€40,000). 
  • The lessor is required to provide the lessee with the following documents: 
    • The original permit to operate the leased boat
    • A copy of the insurance contract.
    • A certified copy of the Private Rental Agreement
    • Copies of General Regulations of Ports (G.R.P.) No. 20 and No. 23, governing the traffic and circulation of motorized boats and high-speed crafts, as well as G.R.P. No. 38.

Payment Terms

Validation of Rental Agreement: 30% deposit of the total leasing amount either cash or per bank transfer. The details will be shared upon rental agreement. The remaining 70% is paid before the delivery of the boat

Reservation which is cancelled 20 days before the rental period, 60% of deposit is refunded.

Reservation which is cancelled 10 days before the rental period, 30% of deposit is refunded.

Reservation which is cancelled 3 days before the rental period, there is no refund in the deposit.

The boats are fully insured, but the lessee may be responsible for a deductible in case of an accident, which varies depending on the boat. This deductible is either collected in cash or charged to a credit card before the rental period begins and refunded after the rental period ends.

The lessee is responsible for returning the rental boat in the same perfect condition as received from the lessor. Any differences in condition or damage will be the responsibility of the lessee.

The company is not liable for any damages caused by the lessee during the rental period, which must be reimbursed by the lessee.

The company is not responsible for any loss or damage to the belongings of the captain or passengers on board.

No refunds will be issued if the boat is returned earlier than the agreed-upon time.

For further clarification or information, please contact us at the following phone numbers:

Mobile: +30 697 003 2073 or +30 693 684 9335